Linking People

Connecting individuals for a stronger, more collaborative society.

Linking Ideas

Bridging innovative thoughts to foster creative solutions and social innovation.

Linking Communities

Uniting diverse communities for shared growth and understanding.

Linking Organisations

Building partnerships between organizations for greater impact and change.


W e A r e W o r k i n g F o r Y o u S i n c e
Our mission

Linking people and ideas for a better tomorrow

The establishment of the foundation was guided by specific goals aligned with its expertise and demonstrated project work. Key among these objectives are:

  • Addressing social issues through creating social innovations, as well as teaching how to implement innovative solutions.
  • Supporting social inclusion and the development of competences in entrepreneurship and professional development.
  • Addressing gender disparities and empowering women.
  • Supporting migrants’ integration and skills development.
  • “Together, we can build a brighter future through social innovation, enriching local communities with sustainable and inclusive growth.”

    Piotr Olszówka
    CEO & Founder of LF
    Our Projects

    Innovation in Action: Our Portfolio of Change

    Our Team

    Driven by Passion: The Faces That Drive Innovation

    Piotr Olszówka


    Stanisław Iwan

    Board Member

    Katarzyna Pilch

    International Project Manager

    Krzysztof Woźniak

    Project Specialist
    Environment and Climate

    Krzysztof Kunc

    Project Specialist
    Funding and Fundrising

    Anna Lewicka

    Project Specialist
    Psychology and Well being

    Ryszard Kowalski

    Project Specialist
    Eastern Europe and Caucasus

    Katarzyna Piątek

    Office Manager

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    Our Partners

    Collaborative Synergy: Our Network of Change-Makers